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規格 Lamp Type : E14螺頭  E14 Edison screw
功率 Power : 5W
電壓 Voltage : 220-240Vac
亮度 Brightness: 560-580Lm
色溫 Color Temperature : 3000K-6000K
尺寸 Dimension : D45*H90mm

5瓦自然光燈泡 (白光/黄光) 5W High RA Light (Cold/ Warm Light)

庫存單位: KL-N
色温 Color Temperature
  • LKKM自然光燈泡演色指數達90以上,讓你可以見到物件的真實顏,適合對視覺效果有高要求的人士。

    LKKM High RA light bulb has a color rendering index larger than 90, which you can see the true color of items. It is design for people who needs a high quality of color for photographic or other purposes.

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