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規格 Lamp Type :  E14 / E27螺頭-  E14 / E27Edison screw
功率 Power : 3W
電壓 Voltage : 220-240Vac
亮度 Brightness : 300-310Lm
色溫 Color Temperature : 3000K-6000K
尺寸 Dimension : D36*H100mm
燈罩 Lampshade (塑膠 Plastic) : 透明 / 乳白磨砂 Transparent / Opal Frosted

3瓦蠟燭燈 (白光/黃光) 3W Candle Light (Cold/ Warm Light)

庫存單位: KL-3C
色温 Color Temperature
  • Same product in different packagings.

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